On the previous iteration of this blog, I had a very popular post by this same title…aparrently I wasn’t the only one looking for non-poppy ringtones.

Somehow during my move, I didn’t back up my SQL DB, so I lost the actual post. But, in anticipation for my HTC Droid Incredible arrival tomorrow, I was pulling all the MP3s off of my Blackberry so I can transfer them to my Droid. Here are the few tones I had listed in the previous post…some are ringtones, some are for text messages or MMS:

Business – SMS
Doraemon – SMS
Msg_Notice – SMS
Naruto – SMS
Piano – SMS
Silver – Ringtone

SInce I’ve had my Blackberry for about 2 years now, I’ve gotta kinda fond of a few ringtones & alarms. Well, I’m not so sure ‘fond’ is the correct word…maybe ‘accustomed’ is a better term. In other words, like Pavlov’s Dog, I’ve learned what types of emails or messages are coming in by which noise the phone makes. Therefore, I searched out copies of the default Blackberry ringtones, SMS and MMS tones, and alarms. Rather that link all 56 of them individually like the ones above, I’m including them in a 193kb .ZIP file.

Download the Blackberry Preloaded Tones Zip

Hopefully RIM won’t come sniffing around and make me remove the zip. Enjoy it while it lasts.