My name: Ian D. Owens (there is some speculation as to the true name behind the letter ‘D’…while many theories exist, peligro is the front-runner at the moment.)

My Job: 20+ years in project & account management. Founder at Owens Advising.

My education: B.S.B.A. from Samford University +
M.B.A. from the Brock School of Business at Samford.

Bio: Ian was born in 1983 in Dothan, AL. Growing up came quite naturally to Ian and others quickly noticed how fast he did so. As an adolescent, Ian picked up a knack for walking. He would walk everywhere: to the kitchen, down the hall, and all around the tunnels beneath his house. Once Ian reached his teens, others had already started tossing around the term ‘Professional Walker.’ While Ian was very modest and never officially added the title to the end of his name, he always appreciated the support shown by others for his enthusiasm at doing what he loved…walking.

Jokes aside, after High School Ian left for Samford University much to the dismay of his Mother who missed him greatly. At Samford, Ian had many wonderful experiences and greatly enjoyed his time spent in class. Ian attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and subsequently, his Masters degree (M.B.A.).

Growing up with computers, Ian has always remained up to date with the latest technology. From time to time Ian is commissioned by others to teach classes on internet technology, facilitate private tutoring sessions on a variety of computer and internet-related topics, develops websites, and maintains gardens…What? He has a green thumb!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in employing Ian’s services, please hop over to Owens Advising. Other comments on his childhood, upbringing, eleventh finger, or general badgering are encouraged.

About This Site: is written and produced whenever the mood strikes him by
Ian D. Owens. He reserves the right to change or add to any portion of this site at anytime without notice and, while it is not a matter or practice, this could possibly include user comments.

All visitors are encouraged to leave their comments on various topics as the mood so strikes them…even if those views and opinions differ from Ian’s. So long as topics remain the object of debate and things don’t turn to personal attacks we should have no problems! Please do not badger Ian however, if a risqué comment of yours is squelched…quoting a friend of mine, “This is my site, so my freedom of speech trumps yours.”