I bought an HTC Droid Incredible last week and have had a lot of fun getting acclimated to it from the Blackberry Pearl that I was using before. The addition of Wifi, the large screen, and especially the apps, make this a HUGE upgrade and makes my former “smart” phone look pretty dumb.

One of the first tasks I was interested in was moving my media (images, ringtones [see previous post], etc.) from my Blackberry’s older 2GB SD card to my new 16GB SD card. So, I read up on how to mount the phone & SD card to my Mac and was off to the races. Something that bothered me from the get go was the fact that my Mac simply assigned both drives, which were both named ‘no name’, the default ‘Removable Drive’ icon. Not only was this ugly, but it also didn’t help me differentiate the two.

So, having the Type-A personality I do, I set out to set the world straight. I searched online for a few different drive icons that I liked, grabbed the Android Robot icon, and fired up Photoshop to make some edits. The finished product was 3 ‘droid branded drive icons which I could then assign to the internal phone memory and the removable SD card, with one to spare.

Here’s a preview of the set:

Android Drive Icons

If you’re interested, you can download the set below. The .ZIP includes:

  • The original droid robot icon @ 256×256
  • All 3 unbranded drives @ 256×256 in .PNG & .ICO formats
  • All 3 branded drives @ 256×256 in .PNG & .ICO formats
  • A ReadMe / License RTF

Download the free Android Drive Icons ZIP file.